What Do “Steam Team” Clients Say About Harry Bondi?




As your newsletter promised, It certainly was a “December to Remember ” for all Steam Team Members. I made almost five grand and I’m a $100 bettor! Good luck in the Playoffs.

— Kent P, Sioux City, Iowa        

You are one of the best big game handicappers I have ever seen! Thanks for all the winners and keep them coming.
                                                                  MB, Round Rock, TX
I learned last year that it doesn’t pay to try and save some money by betting on my own. Thanks for saving my season with your big games last year. Enclosed please find my check for the upcoming season. I have learned my lesson!  Lets have a good season,

                                                                   BD, Glastonbury, CT

Enclosed is my check for another year on the Steam Team. It was a great year last year. Perfect in the big games and 17-4 on top plays . . .  Nice to do business with a straight shooter. Good Luck this year and I thought your July newsletter was one of your best ever. Keep up the good work.
                                                                                                           Regards, J.G., St. Louis, MO


Hi Harry — I’m pretty damn happy that I purchased the May package, as you and Frank have been on a tear! Keep up the great work, and most of all, THANKS!!!

You fellas plays just paid for my resort in Islamorada, Florida Keys that I will be at in two weeks!

Much appreciated my friend! $$$$$$
— JJ, Saratoga, NY

Harry,Image result for patriots celebration


Super Bowl was the perfect ending to an amazing season!




JR Omaha, NE



You have the best football service in America! Thanks for a great year. I already can’t wait for next year.


PN, Hammond, IN




You are a wonderful person with an amazing service. Thanks for a great season.


Harold M., Honolulu, HI



The NFL playoffs capped off a nicely profitable year for me with one game left.  Thank you for the winners!  I appreciate the great customer service and solid handicapping.



Ken R., Weatherford, Texas



Thanks for starting the New Year off right!  I feel like these Thank You emails must be getting old for you with all the big winners you hit.

The College Bowl Lock of the Year on Florida was one of the easiest wins yet in a 30-3 destruction over Iowa.  When I spoke with you the morning of the game you said this play was because of the Florida defense.  You weren’t kidding Harry!


The Florida defense put on a clinic. It seemed like the Florida secondary had more catches from the Iowa QB than the Iowa receivers.


Just another outstanding job Harry in what has been an incredible season of big game winners. Thank you once again to you and your team.  On to the college championship game and the NFL playoffs….


Best Regards,




It was sure nice to hit that NFL 7 Star on New England today.  Harry “Big Game” Bondi comes through once again.! Thank you very much my friend for another outstanding job and profitable weekend!


I would also like to wish you and your family along with everyone at Harry Bondi Sports a very Happy Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for all the big winners you have provided!

Best Regards,

Chris  T.






Outstanding 3-1 Saturday, plus we hit the Dixie Parlay!


It was a shame we got clipped on Indiana.  As I told Greg, the worst part was I was getting 7
1/2 on that game.  All they had to do was hold on to the ball for 30
seconds and I cash  Disappointing to say the least.


Really fantastic job on a nicely profitable day. Hitting that parlay was
a nice bonus.  Outstanding handicapping Harry!


Let’s keep it going today….

Thank you!!
Eric D.




I can’t thank you enough for an absolutely tremendous job!


The last 2 weeks we’ve won 11 of the past 12 games including Tulsa (Underdog Lock of the Year), a 7 point underdog winning outright by 29!


You cannot handicap any better than that!  Congrats Harry.  Let’s really savor this and keep the momentum going.

J.F., Charlotte, NC



We are so fortunate to have you as our handicapper. Florida State, Texas and Utah were great wins but nothing could prepare me for last night’s Tulsa game.


Spectacular!!! Winning those four plays put me in high clover.

C.B., Hartford, CT



I don’t know how you keep doing it month after month, year after year.  Another outstanding handicapping job with Arkansas with a never in doubt blowout win for the 10* Lock of the Year.


You follow that up with an Ohio State annihilation of Nebraska with the 4* play.


Congrats to all of us Harry and a huge thank you to the entire team at Harry Bondi Sports!!


Let’s keep it going.

-E.D., St. Cloud, MN




Congrats on yesterday.


It was the best handicapping I’ve ever seen and I am 81 years old.


Tulsa was a mortal lock.


D.B., Toledo, OH


“WOW” what an awesome display of talent. Tulsa plus 7 and plus $210 on the money line was like taking candy from a baby. 


Every time I doubt you a little you always  — and I mean always — come up big with picks like these.


Thanks for making me a lot of $$$$

C.B,, Jackson, MS




Perfection! 4-0 yesterday !!!


I have forgot to thank you in the past and apologize. You are truly the best!


Wish all the games could just be like Tulsa


Thanks Harry,
– B.F., Albany, NY


Aloha from the Big Island, Harry.


Great job.


Loved all the dogs.


Keep it going.
-E.M., Kalapana, HI

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